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PL to introduce new rule that may give Liverpool an upper-hand



Liverpool could gain an advantage as Premier League introduces a multi-ball system for quick throw-ins

As per Liverpool Echo, The Premier League has introduced a new multi-ball system to bring the ball back into play much quicker. This will allow teams to take throw-ins much more quickly.

Over the years, the Reds have made headlines for having a throw-in coach. The Merseysiders have been mocked for having someone go over a little thing like a throw-in.

But fans who’ve been watching Liverpool play over the course of the last four seasons have noticed a change in the team’s ability to retain the ball when it goes beyond the touchline.

Liverpool could gain an advantage as Premier League introduces a multi-ball system for quick throw-ins.
The new Premier League rule will allow for quicker throw-ins. (Image: @necowilliams01 on Twitter)

Being able to pick out whom to give the ball to in a throw-in situation can be massive in certain pivotal moments of the game. For example, in pressure situations or when there’s little time left on the clock, the right throw can mean a lot.

Knowing where to throw the ball may also give insights on where to force the opposition to throw it. This could help us ensure that the ball doesn’t end up in a threatening area and is retained easily.

Time wasting is also a significant factor in the game. Certain teams like to keep the ball out of play for as long as possible. This change could ensure the ball is in play for much longer during the 90 minutes.

Liverpool’s throw-in coach Thomas Gronnemark has also agreed to stay on for another season. Fans will hope the association continues for years to come. His efforts have paid dividends at Anfield so far.

While the new rule may not be able to stamp out time-wasting, it certainly compels officials to take note. Teams will then have to restart play much faster to avoid any bookings.

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The Reds are known to be a high-pressing team that plays with intensity under Jurgen Klopp. We want to retain possession as quickly as possible and keep it. And the more the ball is in play, the more chances we get to do something with it.

It is too bad that Divoc Origi left for AC Milan earlier in the summer. He clearly is a player who loves set-pieces ‘taken quickly’.