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“A huge loss”- Jamie Redknapp claims this transfer decision by Liverpool was a mistake



Jamie Redknapp believes letting Sadio Mane leave has been a huge loss for Liverpool

When Sadio Mane told Jurgen Klopp of his desire to move elsewhere from Liverpool in search of a “new challenge, it would have been a mammoth task in order to find suitable replacements for the Senegalese.

The 2022 Ballon d’Or runner-up had a year remaining on his contract at Anfield when he decided to move to the Bundesliga to play for Bavarian giants Bayern Munich. A potential £35m deal for the 30-year-old meant that after six successful years at Merseyside, manager Klopp had to do without the services of one of his stalwarts.

Liverpool have certainly not been the same since the former Southampton winger departed from the club. It was hardly a formality for the Reds to qualify for the UEFA Champions League until this season under Klopp. Given their struggles this season, a return to Europe’s top table could prove difficult.

Jamie Redknapp believes letting Sadio Mane leave has been a huge loss for Liverpool.
Former Liverpool winger Sadio Mane. (Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images)

It is certainly no cakewalk to replace a player of such calibre. Mane, in 269 appearances for the Reds across all competitions scored 120 goals and got 49 assists. Liverpool brought in Luis Diaz in January 2022 to ease the transition from Mane and the Colombian has to his credit performed admirably.

Moreover, the Reds’ also got on board SL Benfica’s Darwin Nunez to supplement their attack, but the Uruguayan is only starting to find his feet at the club now. Following a shock loss against Leeds United on 29th October, here is what Jamie Redknapp said about the Reds losing Mane via the Liverpool Echo:

“,The midfield looks tired right now, (Sadio) Mane’s been a huge loss and defensively they don’t look the same team. There’s so many different problems for Jurgen Klopp and is he capable of turning it around?”

Merseyside’s missing Main Man Mane

Sadio apart from his goal contribution was an extremely effective presser as well which contributed in multiple ways. His pressure application and presence of mind when to drop off and when not to meant that the Reds won the ball multiple times in the final third of the pitch, resulting in goals more often than not.

Apart from the issue of losing one of Klopp’s most trusted men, the midfield looks absolutely worn out this season. There seems to be no sense of urgency in the middle of the park, especially from Fabinho, who is going through a rough patch in terms of his form.

Liverpool have had it tough to cope without the services of Sadio Mane.
Liverpool have had it tough to cope without the services of Sadio Mane. (Photo by OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images)

Even the attackers were not half as clinical as they should be against an opposition like Leeds United, with all due respect. The Midlanders were in the relegation zone when they came into Anfield and their walking away with three points is a matter that requires further investigation.

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It seems to be the case that Mane’s departure has coincided with the saturation point of most of Liverpool’s midfield. However, they competed for the Quadruple not so long ago. The issue could be something or the other, but it is a major task at hand to solve it and get results sooner than later.