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Manchester United legend blames Liverpool for starting this particular trend involving Premier League referees

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By Siddharth Juyal

Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville blames Liverpool for other clubs questioning PGMOL amid more poor refereeing in the Premier League

Manchester United legend Gary Neville continued his biased attacks on Liverpool for setting a “precedent” after another complaint to PGMOL. Nottingham Forest questioned VAR’s decision not to overturn Ivan Toney’s equalizer against Bretford in the Premier League clash.

Amusingly, Neville’s complaint came amid Liverpool’s game against Bournemouth which ended in a 0-4 Premier League victory for the Reds. The game involved several refereeing decisions that went against the Reds, the only thing consistent about officials this season.

While his tactical analysis earns respect among peers, the former Man United right-back often loses objectivity. Neville has continuously downplayed Liverpool’s title contention for this season, hyping Arsenal and Manchester City in his title predictions.

The FA threaten Liverpool with a big fine amid outrage over controversial decisions.
Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp and referee Paul Tierney have a very contentious history.

The Sky Sports pundit used X to berate Liverpool for setting a precedent for writing to the PGMOL. The Reds questioned the integrity of refereeing after their only Premier League loss in the away game against Tottenham Hotspur.

The officials incorrectly judged Luis Diaz’s legitimate opening goal as offside, resulting in its disallowance. Furthermore, Liverpool received two very contentious red cards against Curtis Jones and Diogo Jota.

Jota’s red card involved two separate yellow card bookings in quick succession. Match referee Simon Hooper produced one of the yellow cards for Jota after Charity Udogie blatantly dived.

The Premier League has seen several incidents similar to Curtis’ red card decision during the game. Jones slipped over the ball and landed on Yves Bissouma, an unintentional foul that VAR deemed as a red card.

Neville’s tweet came exactly at the time when the Cherries’ Justin Kluivert made a similar stud-showing tackle on Luis Diaz. The game further involved a clear penalty call on Jota that VAR shrugged off without any hesitation.

The level of inconsistency and biased decision-making combined with TV pundit’s continuous attack on Liverpool have been the Reds’ biggest adversaries this season. Neville acts like a Bastian of righteousness, often using his platform for political virtue-signalling and being open to debate.

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Neville backed his then-manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, during his playing days when the Scotsman criticized the referees. Ferguson earned a notorious reputation for bullying and scaring referees into making decisions in United’s favour. A pivotal part of United’s success has been re-written with sly jokes and catchphrases like “Fergie-time” to shrug off its embarrassingly truthful nature.

However, the former Man United man has continuously lost his objectivity and acted with intent in the matters involving Liverpool. While expressing concern about the rightful questioning of refereeing integrity, Neville should perhaps direct attention to maintaining his integrity.

Constructive criticism and accountability are a necessity in every professional environment and no job should be above it. PGMOL’s reputation and integrity are at an all-time low and have cost Liverpool numerous points this season.