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“Couldn’t have done what Gerrard did”- Manchester United legend gives his honest opinion on Scholes vs Gerrard debate

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By Sarthak Joshi

Wayne Rooney gives his honest opinion, settling the Steven Gerrard and Paul Scholes debate

The most recent person to enter the murky argument between Paul Scholes, Frank Lampard, and Steven Gerrard is Wayne Rooney. This debate dominated the football community since years and Rooney recently gave his honest admission on it.

It appeared for a while that Lampard and Gerrard would carry their animosity into the dugout. However, as the Chelsea great has not been on-field since his temporary return to Stamford Bridge and the former captain of Liverpool is currently in Saudi Arabia, the discussion is safely limited to their playing days.

Naturally, Gerrard would always have the unwavering support of Liverpool supporters. And although Rooney almost avoided declaring a clear favourite, his most recent comments were dead on.

Appearing on The Overlap, brought to you by Sky Bet, Gary Neville asked Rooney about the infamous Gerrard, Lampard, and Scholes debate. Throughout his tenure at Manchester United and England, Rooney accumulated noteworthy playing time with all three. He said:

“They’re all different, I think. As an all-rounder, Stevie’s the best one out of them. I think he can defend, pass the ball, run, tackle, score goals, set pieces. So I think as an all-rounder Stevie’s the best from that point of view.”

“All were world-class players. Stevie could come to Manchester United and be a top player and do what Scholes could do. But I don’t think Scholes could do what Stevie did at Liverpool.”

It’s especially notable that Rooney hailed Gerrard as the best of the bunch from an all-round perspective, given the time he spent playing with Scholes. His remarks about United’s legend would certainly not go down well with his fan base.

Liverpool fans would certainly be happy with Rooney’s remarks

Gerrard and Scholes were both excellent players, as Rooney points out. However, Liverpool is aware of who had the advantage, and it appears that the former Manchester United sensation is as well.

It is a fact that Gerrard’s ability to adapt is no joke; he played in numerous positions, including all around midfield, attacking and defence. He was an asset wherever he chose to play.

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It’s pretty much summed up by his notion that Gerrard could have filled in for the others if assigned to their individual teams. In addition to possessing everything they could not have duplicated, the Liverpool captain possessed a special skill.