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SHOCKING Comment! Liverpool Defender Says, “Klopp Is Boring”



Liverpool has come around pretty strong post-Brendan Roger’s reign. It is tough to believe how much the team has improved since klopp took over. His sound judgement and smart tactics has, no doubt, been the reason for such changes in the Red’s performance.

Alberto Moreno

Alberto Moreno

Although, Alberto Moreno finds the training sessions to be boring, the assurance that the Merseyside are in good hands stays intact. He supports the manager’s ways and means, believing that this what is going to get Liverpool better results.

Moreno said,

“With Klopp the training sessions are all about tactics, in order to have the team well-positioned on the pitch, and to know how and when to press,”

“He doesn’t do games or things like that. It’s all tactical. It’s what he likes and what we work.”

“In England there are many matches, so there is not enough time to work a lot but in each training sessions he is looking for that,” said Moreno.

“The truth is that the training sessions are a bit boring for the players, but then they are the ones that give results on the pitch.”

 “He arrived here with a clear idea. He explained to us saying that if we lose it was going to be his fault but he wanted us to follow his idea. And it is paying off.

“I think he did the same at Dortmund and it worked well. His idea is fixed and is going great so the best is to do what he says.

“I like his style, being aggressive because it fits with my style. I love it, pressing, steal the ball and go quick on the counter-attack with 11 guys running. I love it.”

The German has created a winning culture amongst the reds. He is shaping the team to play in such a way that they can now win the games rather than play to draw or lose. With just one defeat out of 11 matches after he took over the team, Liverpool might just be heading towards winning the league this year.