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Scouting For Klopp – What Kind Of Striker Should Liverpool Sign This Summer?



The Barclays premier league has drawn curtains and one exuberating season comes to an end. Liverpool finishes the season with the 8th position and to improve on this will be the primary objective of Klopp for the next season. The Reds still have one chance to restore glory with their Europa League final against Sevilla. Jurgen Klopp will have a lot of items to discuss on his agenda for the next season and one of them will be to look for a new striker. The goals have come from different areas of the park for Liverpool this season and the presence of a threatening striker seems to be missing. The manager must try and fill this gap by considering options for a stalwart center forward for Liverpool.

The missing link

The attacking trio of Lallana, Coutinho and Firmino has combined well for Liverpool and they have been successful in creating the chances up front. However, the Reds have lacked the presence of a deadly striker who can not only pounce on opportunities but can also create some for himself. When Liverpool had the services of Luis Suarez, he was just the perfect striker that the team needed. Even under the reign of Brendan Rogers, Suarez used to play a high pressing game and put the opponents on the defensive foot straight away. Daniel Sturridge was expected to fill his shoes, but injury troubles and inconsistency did not allow him to do so. Recently, there have been rumors surrounding his future at Anfield and it is reported that he has been approached by some of the big clubs in Europe.

What Liverpool need

The Reds need a striker who is quick and who can play a high-pressing game which enables him to fit in the tactics of Jurgen Klopp. They do not need a towering figure like Benteke who waits for chances, but rather someone who can create them. Also, there is a need of a poacher who is quick to react inside the box as the trio of LFC is good at creating chances inside the box. Klopp will have his eyes on strikers who have a good work-rate and who can be a threat aerially as well. Someone of the likes of Schurrle or Lewandowski would be ideal to fit in the current squad and a new signing will possibly give a new dimension to the squad.