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Is This Rising Liverpool Star A ‘Next Luis Suarez’ For The Club?



Divock Origi – a star in the making and a talent with immense potential to become a world-class player. Liverpool brought the Belgian striker in 2015 and he had an excellent second half in the season. When Daniel Sturridge was out with injury, Origi stepped up to take the responsibility and guided Liverpool in many games. Klopp looked seemingly impressed with the performances of the youngster especially in the game against Borussia Dortmund in the Europa league.

The similarities

If we compare the style of play of Suarez and Origi, there are a lot of similarities between the two. They both have a terrific pace, good body strength, excellent finishing combined with good heading ability. Also, both of them love to play high up the pitch and press more. Just like Suarez, Origi too is an aggressive runner behind the ball and holds the ball really well in attack. Also, when it comes to shrugging off defenders, Origi has his strength to support him and manages to do that many a times. His heading abilities were also seen in the later part of the season as the striker netted a couple of goals with his head. These and many such similarities have led to comparisons with the former Liverpool star.

When Suarez arrived at Anfield, he was in his developing stage and was not the world class player that he is at the moment. Liverpool was the perfect platform for the striker to improve upon his game and make his presence felt at the club. Origi is at a similar phase in his career where he needs the platform and the encouragement to showcase his talent. At the moment, Liverpool needs the services of Origi as the secondary striker to Sturridge and on some occasions even the primary option for the manager.

What lies ahead?

It will be unfair to pass any judgments on the Belgian striker at the moment, but after a season or two, if he manages to do the right things at the right time, he might be up on the world map of football as one of the most valuable strikers. Origi has the potential and the guidance of one of the finest mentors in world football in the name of Jurgen Klopp. The future looks with endless possibilities at the moment for Origi and this season will be very interesting for the striker in terms of the opportunities.


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