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Former Manager Claims Liverpool Need Leicester Like Miracle To Win League Title



Former Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez might be doing a decent job at Newcastle United, and does have a tough task of keeping them in the Premier League, but our former manager claims that the Reds would need a Leicester like miracle to claim the title.

The Spaniard was quoted by Fox Sports ahead of the clash between the two sides when he also lamented at the financial problems we have had over the years. We all know that the likes of Manchester United and Manchester City have a huge transfer chest, and that is something that needs to change.

“When I arrived at Liverpool, the budget was £20m gross. When I left, it was £17m, but still people said I must win the title, I must compete,” Benitez said.

“If other teams maybe aren’t doing too well, you can be there. We had 86 points one year and finished second. Why? Because United were there. Leicester won the title because three or four top sides were really bad and were not performing.”

Benitez highlighted how he challenged Manchester United first and then came the money bags from Chelsea. The Spaniard also stated that the likes of City and Tottenham are actually challenging for honours, which was not the case when he was our manager.

Benitez also spoke about how to create a team that can win trophies, something he achieved with us in 2005 by winning the UEFA Champions League and also in 2006 by claiming the FA Cup.

“How can you win trophies? You have to create a good team with a great atmosphere and work hard and then you can get there. The reality is, the teams that have won the title, probably 90 per cent of the time, are the teams with the most money.”

The former manager has always been in and around Liverpool, and still has a home in the area. Benitez certainly helped us reach new heights after years of average performances and that win over AC Milan in 2005 still ranks as one of the greatest European finals ever.

We always punched above our weight under Rafa and hopefully, Jurgen Klopp can also learn a thing or two from the Spaniard, especially when it comes to defending.

Sure, we had our issues with zonal marking under Rafa but we were a tough team to beat more often than not and should we imbibe that quality in this side, we just might end up winning a trophy or two soon.

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