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Celebrity Liverpool fan perfectly showcases how we all feel about Reds’ PL trouble on ‘Last Week Tonight’



John Oliver express frustration as pandemic threatens Premier League triumph

Liverpool are 25 points clear of the chasing pack with less than a quarter of the season left to go. The Reds’ biggest threat looks to have come from the coronavirus pandemic that is spreading across the world.

The issue has become so serious that football associations across Europe have suspended all football matches for the near future. The Premier League has also followed suit and suspended all fixtures until April 3.

With the pandemic getting worse, it is uncertain as to when the football will resume. This has led to a number of suggestions including cancelling the league and declaring the current season void.

Doing so will be a grave injustice to the extraordinary effort our players have put in. Given our lead at the top of the table, giving us the title would be the one decision that would make sense and seem obvious.

John Oliver

The famous TV show host is a lifelong Liverpool fan

A source of frustration

The chances of the season being declared void has been a sense of irritation among the Reds fans who would feel a grave injustice being done to the team that has virtually already won it.

The sense of frustration was showcased by celebrity Reds fan John Oliver on live TV yesterday night. The popular host included a 30-second section segment on his show ‘Last Week Tonight’ as he spoke on the coronavirus threat.

John Oliver

John Oliver said what every Liverpool fan felt like

He brought up the topic of Liverpool being denied the league due to no fault of theirs and went on to rant about it for half a minute. Although the segment was scripted, Oliver’s reaction is something every one of us can relate to. The segment can be viewed in the video below from the 18:50 to 20:00 minute mark.


Oliver went on to say that the players and the manager deserve the title for an extraordinary season and lamented the fact that the moment he has waited for all his life could be cruelly denied.

He also mentioned the brilliant letter penned by Jurgen Klopp to fans speaking about the gravity of the situation as he put the priorities right in what is a troubled time.

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Oliver’s reaction, although funny, is one that can elicit fury among the fanbase if it comes to pass. More than 75% of the season has already been completed. The Reds’ significant lead means the destination of the title is more or less certain.

Klopp is right in pointing out that at times like these, sports do have to take a backseat. However, it would be unfair to deny a group of players and staff the chance to celebrate what has been a well-deserved championship.


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