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[Video] Liverpool fitness guru explains brilliant technique to keep fit using this daily essential



Andreas Kornmayer showcases how to keep oneself fit using just a towel

Liverpool’s head of fitness and conditioning, Andreas Kornmayer has taken to Twitter to post another video of how to keep oneself fit – this time using just a towel. The video was made available as a part of the Home Workouts series by AXA.

With self-isolation the norm during the shutdown, it is important for one to keep up their mental and physical fitness.

Kornmayer’s video will be appreciated by those who are keen on staying up and do not have the luxury of a personal gym.

The German showcased how to go through the works in the video, leaving no stone unturned on how to make use of a daily essential for exercise. Kornmayer’s appointment has been met with an upturn in Liverpool’s fitness levels. Clearly, he knows what he is doing.

Formerly at Bayern Munich, Kornmayer made the switch to Anfield alongside Nutrinist Mona Nemmer in the summer of 2016. The pair have completely transformed their areas at Liverpool and are amongst Klopp’s trusted lieutenants.

The German fitness guru spent 15 years in Bavaria and worked alongside some of football’s biggest names such as Louis van Gaal, Jupp Heynckes and Pep Guardiola. (h/t

Based at Melwood, Kornmayer works alongside Klopp, Peter Krawietz, Pepijn Lijnders and John Achterberg in preparing and training the team, ensuring they’re as fit and as ready as possible for matchday.

Andreas Kornmayer and Mona Nemmer made the move to Liverpool in 2016

Andreas Kornmayer (left) and Mona Nemmer (center) made the move to Liverpool in 2016

The Reds are amongst the fittest teams in the land today. Kornmayer has proven to be an important signing off the pitch who has actively made a telling impact on it. Kornmayer’s journey into football began at Munich University when he embarked on a course in sports science after studying medicine. (h/t

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It is important for one to keep themselves fit during these unforeseen times. Isolation can have different effects on people. By choosing to stay fit, one can ensure they are in the best shape possible in spite of the circumstances.

Kornmayer’s easy-to-understand video is a godsend to anyone who is looking to keep fit but lacks the equipment to do so. The German signed off by asking everyone to stay indoors and save lives.