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“He’s unbelievable” – Kieran Trippier praises Liverpool transfer target Jude Bellingham



Kieran Trippier praises Liverpool transfer target Jude Bellingham

Speaking in an interview with Under the Cosh podcast as quoted by Liverpool Echo, Newcastle United superstar Kieran Trippier is full of praise for England teammate and Liverpool transfer target Jude Bellingham.

Trippier, who is on international duty along with Bellingham for the Fifa World Cup in Qatar could not hide his excitement when talking about the sensationally talented teenage wonderkid who plays for Borussia Dortmund.

Arguably the biggest English talent going around, along with Phil Foden, Bellingham has seen his stalks rise meteorically with every passing game and he is one of the most sought-after players in the world.

Already a captain at such a young age for Dortmund, the sky is the limit for Bellingham. If he can continue developing at a similar rate, it is scary to imagine the heights that he can reach in his career.

It is almost easy to forget sometimes that Bellingham is just 19 years old. He shows so much maturity that is beyond his age that sometimes it is astounding to imagine how much he has already achieved.

Speaking about the Liverpool transfer target, this is what Trippier had to say about Bellingham and Foden.

“For such a young guy, he’s what, 18? Him and Phil [Foden] are unbelievable. He’s just so mature for his age, the way he plays, the way he manages his game, he’s world class now. He’s unbelievable.”

Kieran Trippier praises Liverpool transfer target Jude Bellingham.
Liverpool ready to go ‘all-in’ for long-term transfer target Jude Bellingham.

At such a young age, Bellingham has the world at his feet. However, the player must continue staying humble and not get carried away by all the glam and fame that is surrounding him right now.

Liverpool are likely to make a move for Bellingham next summer. They desperately need to strengthen their midfield and who better than a marquee signing like the former Birmingham City man.

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A huge summer awaits Bellingham. Let’s hope he chooses us and continues his ascent to stardom with us.