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“He’s the father figure”- Jamie Carragher lifts lid on interesting conversation with ex-Liverpool sporting director



Jamie Carragher lifts lid on conversation with former Liverpool sporting director

Speaking on 90 mins with Neville Southall Podcast (h/t Liverpool Echo), Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher lifts a lid on his conversation with former Reds sporting director Michael Edwards.

Back in November 2021, Edwards revealed that he will step down from his role as a sporting director at Liverpool at the end of the 2021/22 season. He was at the club since 2011, and some roles later got a job as a director.

The Fenway Sports Group, owners of Liverpool, did try their best to persuade Edwards to extend his stay, but he was firm in his decision.

Former Liverpool recruitment guru Michael Edwards rejects Chelsea.
Jamie Carragher reveals the conversation he had with former Liverpool sporting director Michael Edwards. (Image: As found on ThisIsAnfield)

He was replaced by his deputy Julian Ward, who himself announced in the latter half of November 2022 that he will leave the club. Liverpool were shocked by this decision.

Coming back to Edwards though, here’s what Carragher revealed in the conversation he had with him (h/t Liverpool Echo):

“He said the biggest thing for them was the relationship with agents. Whether that’s speaking to them, financially I’m sure that plays a big part as well, it was startling really. I think players now the worry is, completely different to mine and your day, but I spoke to Alex Inglethorpe who is part of the academy at Liverpool and players at that age getting agents.”

“He said the agent, he plays the role of everybody, he’s the father-figure, he’s the agent, the sounding board, best friend in some instances for players moving round the world and the agent fulfils every role that we had as players – going out with your friends.”

It is kind of known that agents are playing a massive role in player transfers in modern-day football. There are agents, and then there are super agents who handle a number of top players. These people have their own chain as well, hence the clubs have to form an excellent relationship with them.

Whatever it was, Liverpool under the stewardship of Edwards in transfers were very good. They managed to complete some massive moves, be it under-the-radar moves for Fabinho and Diogo Jota, to the big-name signings Alisson and Virgil van Dijk.

Sporting Director Michael Edwards has been replaced by Julian Ward at Liverpool.
In Edwards’ tenure, Liverpool did some fantastic transfer business.

With him gone and now Ward also scheduled to leave in the summer, the club is going to undergo a transition period.

We can only hope that whoever is set to take over the role as a sporting director, is good enough to oversee massive changes in the squad required in the summer. Both Michael Edwards and Julian Ward have come to be known as shrewd negotiators.

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