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Liverpool ace credits Jurgen Klopp’s influence as he embraces key Anfield responsibility

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By Shrishh Attavar

Liverpool midfielder Wataru Endo talks about Jurgen Klopp and his support

The arrival of Wataru Endo at Liverpool last summer brought a fresh breeze of energy to the midfield, and boy, has he made an impact. It wasn’t all smooth sailing at first, mind you. He took a bit of time to settle in, but once he found his rhythm, he’s been nothing short of stellar in the middle of the park.

Jurgen Klopp has been backing Endo from day one, showing him the faith and trust needed to thrive in the high-pressure environment of Anfield. Endo himself acknowledges the pivotal role Klopp has played in his development, praising the gaffer’s belief in him and his teammates. With Klopp’s guidance, Endo has blossomed into a key figure in the Liverpool setup, pulling the strings in midfield with finesse and flair.

Endo himself has been putting in the hard yards on the training ground, honing his skills and adapting to the unique demands of Klopp’s system. It’s not easy stepping into the Liverpool midfield, but the Japanese international has shown enough grit and determination. He has embraced the challenge head-on and emerged stronger for it. His work ethic has been top notch and he has given 5000% in each and every game he’s featured in.

Our Samurai.
Our Samurai.

Here is what Endo had to say via ECHO:

“The manager always supports me and he is a great, great person because he always trusts me and the other players so that we can play much more fully,”

“I don’t think I’ve changed too much as a player. I had to understand how Liverpool play but I know that now and I can understand that side of things so I just do my best to try and help the team win every game.”


Endo’s impact extends beyond his individual performances on the pitch. His presence has also had a positive effect on those around him, with teammates benefitting from his leadership and work ethic. As Liverpool continue to chase success on multiple fronts, Endo’s contributions will be vital in their pursuit of silverware.

One is down already. The Carabao Cup is in, and Endo surely played a huge part in the Reds beating Chelsea in the final. Like an opera man leading an orchestra, Endo has orchestrated the midfield with precision and poise, dictating the tempo of the game and inspiring those around him to raise their game.

As Liverpool navigate through the ups and downs of the season, Endo’s presence in midfield has been nothing short of invaluable. Whether breaking up opposition attacks or initiating swift counter-attacks, he’s been a constant source of energy at the heart of things.

Liverpool midfielder Wataru Endo talks about Jurgen Klopp and his support.
“We need you”, said Jurgen Klopp, and we surely did need Wataru Endo over a random Ecuadorian midfielder.

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As Liverpool navigate through this mad season, you can bet your last quid that Endo’s gonna be right in the thick of it, pulling the strings in midfield and make sure that manager Jurgen Klopp gets the farewell he deserves.