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Five Things For The Liverpool Fans To Remain Optimistic For The Next Season: Gotze Link, Stadium Expansion Plans, And More



This season has been a typical Liverpool season like the past some years. Some joy, and many things to despair. The fans have seen hope one week after a brilliant performance and seen it getting crushed the other week. This has been the story of Liverpool for past some years.

Liverpool have beaten Man City twice handsomely and then lost to Newcastle, Watford, and Southampton. The fans have never been this happy before about the appointment of a new manager. But that how is Jurgen Klopp. The fans have seen the team play at Wembley just to get beaten cruelly on penalties.

But with Klopp, Reds have begun to believe in the team and are right behind the players. They sense that the enigmatic German has what it takes to bring some silverware at Anfield. Excitement is high for the next season and let’s take a look at the five things that the fans are optimistic about in the next campaign :

1. Klopp’s renaissance :

Klopp’s arrival has meant that the reds have a world class manager by their side who can guide them to glory. His philosophy is getting ingrained in the team with each game passing by and thought the results have been inconsistent, Liverpool still have a chance of finishing in the top four and are still in Europe. This gives hope for the next season when Jurgen Klopp gets a full preseason to work with the squad.

2. New arrivals :

It is expected to be a busy summer window for Liverpool and they have acted swiftly to secure the services of Joel Matip and Marko Grujic before the window starts. Both add some steel to the squad and it will be interesting who else will join the rest of the squad. Klopp has a knack of spotting talent and all the players that he will sign will get the fans excited.

3. The arrival of Mario Götze?

Klopp with Gotze

Klopp with Gotze

It is strongly rumoured that Mario Götze is looking for a move away from Munich and is gunning for a reunion with Klopp. The duo go a long way back and it will be fantastic to see one of the best young players in the world at Anfield. After some mediocre transfer periods, ghe arrival of Mario Götze can kick-start a new era at Liverpool with Klopp at the helm.

4. New stand :

The Anfield Main Stand expansion will be completed before the start of the new season and will take Anfield’s capacity from 45,000 to 54,000. This is a great news for the fans and they will be ecstatic to sit in the new stand and improve the atmosphere at Anfield.

5. Hope for some silverware :

After reaching the finals of League Cup and still being in Europe will instill confidence in the minds of the faithful that this team can challenge for trophies on a regular basis. With right additions and Klopp’s management, Success is imminent and the fans remain optimistic about some silverware in the immediate future.