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Is This New Liverpool Signing The Best Young Winger In The English League?



Mane Liverpool1

Sadio Mane is making news for the right reasons with his new club Liverpool FC. According to many football pundits and his new colleagues at Anfield, Mane is the perfect addition for Liverpool this season. The Senegalese winger adds the much-needed attacking threat on the right wing and his zeal to go forward and score goals makes the attacking midfield even more threatening. Also, his ability to manoeuvre the ball in midfield is something to make a keen note of. Due to these abilities, a question has been raised as to whether he is the best winger in the English league or not. The reality is that the English premier league is a home to some of the best players of the world and it is very difficult to be the best in this league.

The wingers of EPL

The English premiere league is considered to be the most competitive leagues and there is a particular reason for that. Even the bottom 10 teams have some quality players who can do wonders. If we look at the wingers, EPL has the likes of Mahrez, Hazard, Lamela and many others who dominate the game from the sides.


Also, there have been considerable additions in this transfer season making it even more challenging for the teams to compete. This is the reason why it is very difficult to rate a particular player as the best. Having said that, Sadio Mane is one of the most talented players in the league and is a pleasure to watch. The winger had a successful stint at Southampton and is now looking forward to his time at his new club.

A bit about Mane

If we look at the world football, the best wingers of the world are Bale, Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar and others. The one thing common between these players is the combination of their pace and their finishing. Not only do they have quick feet but they also have a brilliant eye for goal and contribute for half of their teams’ goals. Mane is a player who is known to have pace but his finishing is not the best. It is not at all bad, but players like Hazard create chances out of thin air and this is what makes them deadly. If Mane manages to do this, then he can surely be the best winger of the premiere league.