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Unlikely, But Here Are Three Reasons Why Suarez Should Return To Liverpool From Barcelona



Suarez - Liverpool

It has been more than two years since Suarez left Liverpool but still he remains a favourite in the hearts and minds of the people at Anfield. Suarez was a player who built his life and his career at Liverpool and he has admitted in many interviews that he owes his career to Anfield. Recently when the pre-season friendly was scheduled between Liverpool and Barcelona, it was an emotional return to Anfield for Suarez. After his move to Barcelona, there has been a dip in the performance of the entire Liverpool squad and this fact will definitely not be a good thing for the striker. Many might argue or not agree to this fact but here are the 3 reasons why we think that Suarez might return to Liverpool in the next few years.

Anfield is his home-

Anfield is a place where once a player plays; he is remembered for his entire life as a hero. The place has a different aura and a vibe which only a few fortunate players gets to experience. And if we talk about Suarez, he was one of the most loved players at Anfield as this stadium has witnessed the greatness of this world class player in terms of his performances. The fans still have a special place and a song for the striker and they would love it any day if the striker decides to come back.

Klopp’s style of play-


During the time of Brendan Rogers, Suarez was probably the only player in the squad who used to play high pressing football. Rodgers did not favoured this tactic and was more reliable on the counter attacks. However, Suarez went out on his own way and used to press high on defenders. It is a known fact that Jurgen Klopp prefers this tactic and it would be absolutely great to see the two unite at Anfield.

Tough to survive at Barcelona-

Barcelona is a club where even the best of players do not manage to survive for a longer duration. Suarez took his time to settle at the club and now is at his best for Barca but one cannot guarantee the fact that after three-four seasons how the situation will be. It is possible that due to the arrival of a better player Suarez might be asked to move. Though distant but nevertheless a possibility and one that would make the Kopites more than happy.