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‘Bam, bam, bam, shoot, done!’ Klopp Comments The Latest On Liverpool’s Transfer Dealings



Jurgen Klopp has stated that the club has the money to buy players as he tries to allay fears from fans that we might not get the players that we want.

We have already signed Mohamed Salah and Dominic Solanke to add quality to our attack but our deals for Virgil van Dijk and Naby Keita have hit troubled waters regarding the transfer fees for the players.

Southampton and RB Leipzig aren’t willing to sell their respective players unless we stump up huge amounts of cash and the German manager was quoted by the Daily Mail, stating that such issues with transfers are common and that we are working hard to get the players.

“We pretty much have all what you need, but at the end it is still business, whether you have the money. You go out and see the car that you have been dreaming about your whole life. You say ‘here is the money’ but they say to you ‘I don’t want to sell the car’. You say ‘but I have got the money!’ but they say ‘I don’t want to sell.’

“Things like this happen in life, not only football. It is not about this. They say ‘go for another car in another colour’ but you say ‘that’s ok but I want this’. It is pretty simple. You can imagine how it works. It is not that we are doing something that other clubs aren’t doing. Or we are more silly or they are more smart.”

The manager further added that it is possible to get our targets in, but the club has to keep on trying and they have the money.

“It’s all possible. It’s more likely doing that than doing nothing. It’s about having a need, having the opportunity. It’s not like I can give you the answer ‘bam, bam, bam, shoot, done!’

“We have the money, we have different things but it is still like this. We want to have the right things (and not) just do something. It is not about a number. It is about how it all fits together.”

Apart from the confusing analogy using cars, Klopp does make sense and the fact that we have the money to spend big in the window, will be a bit of a relief to the fans.

This isn’t the first time we have been linked with players that have a large price tag on their heads but it does seem more likely that we will sign Keita and Van Dijk before the end of the window.

Hopefully, Klopp won’t need a plan B for these players as we have chased them for a while and getting them into the side as quickly as possible would set us up for a great campaign under the German’s leadership.

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