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Liverpool fans erupt in excitement as club unveils new home kit for 2018/19 season



Liverpool’s official Twitter account unveiled the new home kit for next season and as expected, many of our supporters had a lot of opinions about the same.

The new jersey retains our red theme and it may not look all that different but upon closer inspection, it is evident that there are some significant changes to the existing design.

Straight off the bat, it is clear that the tone of red runs a shade or two deeper than our current home kit. The iconic Liverpool red can never be abandoned but the darker tone certainly brings about an interesting dimension to the design on the whole. It does have a hint of maroon and the kit, in general, gives out a rather classy vibe.

Furthermore, there is also the addition of a polo collar. It has been a while since our players have sported a collared look but based on what we see in the pictures, they do look sharp.

There is another interesting facet to the new jersey. If one looks closely, it is evident that the front side of the jersey has linear stripes. According to Liverpool’s official website, they have been inspired by the architectural designs of the vastly redeveloped Main Stand. That is certainly a nice touch to add!

Many of our fellow supporters were impressed and most of them complimented our players’ modelling skills. Take a look at some of the tweets.

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