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Fan rant: Liverpool shouldn’t worry about the Chelsea result; this was the best game to lose for the Reds



Daniel Sturridge of Liverpool scores against Chelsea

It had to end sometime. Our seven-game winning streak from the start of the season came to an end against Chelsea.

Liverpool came into the Carabao Cup game in better form than the Blues, having played tougher games in the Premier League and the Champions League.

The Reds and the Blues fielded vastly different sides to the ones we will see during the weekend and we had a number of chances to score more than one goal.

Daniel Sturridge missed an open target with Willy Caballero sprawling on the floor. There were other chances as well but our defence was atrocious, especially against Eden Hazard.

Alberto Moreno couldn’t handle the winger for the second goal and we were a tad unlucky with VAR going AWOL for Emerson Palmieri’s finish.

Nevertheless, it was a good showing by a second-string Reds team and there are a lot of positives to be taken from the loss.

No more distractions for the main targets this season

Although winning a trophy has to be a priority for Jurgen Klopp, the League Cup isn’t as important now as it is in the latter stages of the season.

We have to concentrate on doing well in the top-flight and the Champions League. The FA Cup starts in January and by that time, we would be halfway through the season.

Qualifying for the next round is important and if we are to sacrifice the League Cup for that, then so be it.

Similarly, a good position in the league is more important than making it to the finals of the tournament, which would have distracted us from the Premier League. Furthermore, we don’t even get a Champions League place for winning the cup.

Keeping us grounded

Winning eight games in a row would have been great but it would have heaped pressure on us. We haven’t faced that kind of pressure since the 2013/14 season where we missed the title by two points.

The loss is perfect in keeping us grounded and letting us know that we have a lot of work to do. Half of the team that played against Chelsea has to improve drastically if they are to match the levels of Manchester City from last season.

Jurgen Klopp & Xherdan Shaqiri

Klopp has to work on the likes of Moreno, Joel Matip and Dejan Lovren and thankfully, this wasn’t an important Champions League clash or a crucial Premier League game which will be dissected for months on end.

Liverpool played a reserve side for a reserve cup and we were unlucky with a lot of the calls made (or not made) by the referee.

Furthermore, we did face a decent Chelsea side while some of the other clubs were taken all the way by lesser opponents (Manchester United and Tottenham).

One team had to lose and unfortunately, it was us. However, we must learn from this clash.

If anyone knows how to deal with a blip, it has to be Klopp. The German has seen a lot during his managerial days and knows how to get the team going again.

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Optimistically speaking, Klopp has a decent record against the top six. Liverpool will surely field a different side to the one that played at Anfield on Wednesday and I am sure there will be something to celebrate for the Reds when the campaign ends.