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“I’ve played for Fulham”- Jurgen Klopp slammed for ‘dry pitch’ excuse in Liverpool’s 2-2 draw



Former Tottenham man Jamie O’Hara slams Jurgen Klopp for pitch complaints

While talking to talkSPORT (h/t The Mirror) Jamie O’Hara claimed that Jurgen Klopp was “making excuses” for his team’s 2-2 draw against Fulham at Craven Cottage blaming the dryness of the pitch for the result.

“I’ve played for Fulham at Craven Cottage and that pitch is immaculate, it’s one of the best pitches you’re ever going to play on.”

Talking to BT Sport in the post match press conference, Klopp said “the pitch was dry”. The media often blows Klopp’s comments out of proportion and this was another opportunity for the onlookers to do just that. Fulham via Twitter took a cheeky dig at the Liverpool boss’ remarks.

O’Hara, acknowledging the fact that the pitch could have dried out quickly, spoke about how Fulham “backed themselves and played really well.”

“The grass is perfect, they always have it bang on. They water the pitch constantly before the game! They even water the pitch at half-time!”

He suggested that Liverpool were “lethargic” and “not at the races”, implying that they were still in a “hangover from the previous season”.

Regardless of whether the pitch was dry or not, it was a pretty average performance from a full-strength Liverpool squad. More was expected of our midfield and defence, Trent Alexander-Arnold in particular, whose mistake led to Fulham taking the lead in the first place.

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp his Premier League top four predictions.
Liverpool boss, Jurgen Klopp.

Liverpool’s shaky start to the season is worrisome as the midfield does not look on song yet while there are multiple injuries at the club. However, it’s a long season up ahead which gives room for things to improve.

This defeat should not be forgotten – rather, the club must look at where things went wrong. A bit of it was down to luck, where Luis Diaz and Darwin Nunez both came close to scoring goals on several occasions.

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However, it was the failure to dominate proceedings in the game that led the Cottagers to have the self-belief that they can beat us on the day. Liverpool play Crystal Palace shortly, on 16th August at Anfield followed by Manchester United away on the 23rd.