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Blow for Liverpool as European giants open talks with top managerial target

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By Shrishh Attavar

Bayern Munich open talks with Liverpool manager target Xabi Alonso

In a major blow to Liverpool FC’s chances of landing Xabi Alonso, Bayern Munich have opened talks with the Bayer Leverkusen manager to take over at Bavaria from next season. Thomas Tuchel’s impending departure from the reigning Bundesliga champions at the end of the season coincides with Jurgen Klopp leaving the Reds at the end of the term, leaving both clubs with a huge void to fill.

According to the Daily Mail, Alonso has given given ‘positive signals’ that he would be keen on joining Bayern Munich in the summer. At the moment, his Leverkusen side hold a ten-point lead over the Bavarians in what seems like a season when Bayern will finally not win the Bundesliga. As the source article rightly points out, following in the shoes of Jurgen Klopp is a much bigger task than succeeding Tuchel given his below-average impression at the club.

Klopp has changed the face of English football and has been competing with state money for the longest time now. Winning every possible trophy at Liverpool and inspiring a change in culture within the entire city as well. His impending departure from Liverpool feels very personal. Any person following in will have a huge task ahead of them in terms of maintaining that culture. Football-wise, Klopp has somehow ensured the future of the club remains secure for the foreseeable future.

Xabi Alonso is the right person to succeed Jurgen Klopp as manager of Liverpool.


We will need a person who knows what it is like to represent Liverpool, handle the prestige that comes with it and sustain the success we have built up over these years. Alonso seems like a person who ticks all these boxes, and if he potentially joins the Reds, it would be the best possible outcome in this situation for the betterment of the club.

Alonso, with his experience and understanding of Liverpool’s rich history, emerges as a promising candidate, capable of steering the Reds through this transitional period. His history with the club, both as a player and a potential manager, makes him a perfect fit to carry on Klopp’s legacy.

However, Bayern’s swift move to court Alonso casts a shadow of uncertainty over Liverpool’s aspirations. The prospect of losing out on a manager who seemingly ticks all the right boxes is indeed a bitter pill to swallow for the Reds faithful.

Will Xabi Alonso respect his past with Bayern more or Liverpool?
Will Xabi Alonso respect his past with Bayern more or Liverpool?

As the managerial saga unfolds, Liverpool find themselves facing an uphill battle. Yet, amidst the uncertainty, there lies a glimmer of hope. Klopp’s legacy, firmly entrenched in the club’s DNA, ensures that whoever takes the helm will inherit a foundation built on success, passion, and unwavering commitment.

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While Bayern’s interest is indeed a significant hurdle for the Reds, we are Liverpool. The show must go on and we would have ideal candidates to replace Klopp if not Alonso. Let’s see how things go in our pursuit of a top-class manager to take over the baton on Merseyside.