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Liverpool legend picks Pep Guardiola over Jurgen Klopp before contradicting statement

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By Siddharth Juyal

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher invites ire after picking Pep Guardiola over Jurgen Klopp while eventually contradicting his reasoning moments later

Jamie Carragher picked Pep Guardiola over Jurgen Klopp during the “Best manager of all time” quiz, potentially angering Liverpool fans. The quiz presented Carragher with the option to choose between two managers, pitting his choices against a new option.

Carragher chose Guardiola over Johan Cruyff and later picked him once again over the current Liverpool manager, Klopp. He picked Sir Alex Ferguson over Guardiola in the end citing the Scotsman’s stint at Aberdeen as the reason.

The Reds fanbase would completely understand picking Guardiola over Klopp due to the trophies he has won as a manager. However, Carragher’s reasoning to pick Ferguson over Guardiola completely contradicts his previous choice and it could potentially annoy the fanbase.

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Jamie Carragher picked Pep Guardiola over Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp for the “best manager of all time” quiz.

The former Liverpool defender has made many controversial statements towards his former club, bringing scepticism from the Kopites. He openly defended the referee’s decision not to give a blatant high-boot penalty against Manchester City in the Premier League clash.

The Sky Sports pundit’s decision to defend the referee instead of rightfully calling them out annoyed a lot of fans. Many have criticized Carragher for making such statements to satisfy his peers and employers irrespective of the truth.

Carragher shared the quiz on his official X account, picking Ferguson as the final winner of the quiz. Ferguson joined Scottish side Aberdeen before enjoying a legendary tenure at the rival club Manchester United.

The Scotsman achieved great success with the Scottish side, helping them win their first Scottish Premier Division. However, Aberdeen finished second in the table a season before Ferguson joined the club despite not winning the league.

The Scottish side had a strong squad already at that time compared to what Klopp inherited at Borussia Dortmund. The 56-year-old joined the German club when they finished 13th in the Bundesliga table as Bayern Munich enjoyed their monopoly.

Klopp built a team from limited resources, developing young talents who eventually became world-class players with their legacies. The 56-year-old repeated similar success with the Reds, working on a restricted budget against high-spending rivals in England.

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Carragher contradicted himself immediately by picking Ferguson over Guardiola after neglecting Klopp because Guardiola never achieved success on a restricted budget. Ferguson is indeed one of the greatest managers of all time but he achieved great success with the help of resources just like Guardiola and unlike Klopp.