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Jurgen Klopp willing to make personal sacrifice amidst coronavirus crisis

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By Pranav Ravindrannair

Jurgen Klopp willing to take pay cut amidst coronavirus pandemic

According to the Daily Mail (h/t Mirror), Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is willing to take a pay cut as the footballing world continues to reel from the effect of the coronavirus outbreak.

The pandemic has suspended the football season across Europe. With no guarantee as to what happens next, the players and clubs are not stuck in limbo.

Both Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe and Brighton manager Graham Potter have already accepted reductions. Klopp could be in line next alongside West Ham United’s David Moyes.

Jurgen Klopp and David Moyes could be next to take a paycut
Jurgen Klopp and David Moyes are willing to take a temporary pay cut

According to the report, the managers have decided to side with the clubs and take a temporary wage cut, unlike what the players prefer. They would rather donate the money to a charity foundation so that the money is properly utilized as it should be.

War of the worlds!

The players’ stand is understandable. Any drastic cut in wages will ensure that the money flows into the owner’s pocket rather than it being useful to the community that sorely needs it.

Liverpool skipper Jordan Henderson has led from the front and played a leading role in talks over setting up a foundation, with players wanting their money to go to the NHS and charities. It is the players who stand to lose out due to the situation.

Jordan Henderson Liverpool
Jordan Henderson has lead from the front in the crisis

The Premier League has set the limit for cuts and deferrals at 30% over a maximum of 12 months. This was agreed to by all the Premier League clubs and will be reviewed on a monthly basis.

There has also been resentment by the players, who feel they have been dealt an unfair hand. They believe they have been unjustly painted as the villains when all they rather do is ensure the money gets to the right people who need it.

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Liverpool also joined the list of clubs to put their non-playing staff on the government furlough scheme. The decision was met with anger by the fanbase, especially given our good finances. (h/t Liverpool Echo)

What made FSG resort to the step is unknown as of now, but we feel we should be better than this.