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World-class midfielder explains how Klopp has taught him the proper way of running



Thiago Alcantara explains how Jurgen Klopp has taught him to run in the Liverpool system

Thiago Alcantara feels Jurgen Klopp has taught him the proper way of running at Liverpool. The midfielder believes he’s become a better player for that under the German manager.

The Spaniard joined the Reds from Bayern Munich back in 2020. The 31-year-old was already one of the best in the world in his position at the time. But Thiago credits Klopp for bringing the best out of him.

Thiago, speaking with Liverpool’s official website, praises the gaffer for helping him understand how and when to run. The Merseysiders play an intense back and forth game and running is a key part of it.

“More than running itself, it’s more about the proper running – high intensity and also the right sprints in the right moments.”

“You improve in that, you improve for your team as well. As a player you grow up with that.”

The Reds have become an unstoppable unit under Klopp, deploying the famous gegenpressing. This requires players to quickly press the opposition in the event of losing the ball.

Klopp has inculcated his style into the Merseyside club. We’ve become one of the most ferocious teams in the world. And a big part of it is down to the coaching.

Thiago, who’s previously played a similar style under Pep Guardiola, is grateful for his time at Liverpool, having learned a lot from the German. But, he wants to be even better next season.

Liverpool midfielder Thiago Alcantara ruled out of Spanish squad thanks to injury.
Thiago wants to be even better for Liverpool next season. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

“It was an important experience that I lived, these two years under the manager’s teaching, but it will be even better this season.”

The former Bayern Munich midfielder came with a lot of pedigree to Liverpool. But COVID and injuries affected the initial stages of his Reds career. The Spaniard had a decent debut season for us.

But in the 2021/22 campaign, Thiago has shown the Anfield crowd what he’s capable of. The 31-year-old seems to have settled in the side and Klopp’s system. Although injuries were still an issue, when he played, the Spaniard made a difference.

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Fans will hope that Thiago stays fit throughout the upcoming campaign. The Spaniard brings calmness and control to the middle of the park, which not a lot of players are capable of.